Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New year!
Wow! I have not written on here in quite a while. That does not mean I have not cooked or tried new recipes just that I have been really lazy. Well, this year I will try and be better about using my blog. It does help me try new things and hopefully it will help me become better at cooking. I have had a lot going on these last years. I had a promotion at work so I just have been super busy there and also had some personal issues to deal with. But enough excuses this is a new year.
I have made it one of my goals to menu plan each week.
The second one of my goals is to try and make at least 48 new recipes this year.
I am going to try my hardest to meet both of those goals.

   This week is the first whole week of the new year so I did a little menu planning yesterday. I have been eating out way too often. This has definitely contributed to weight gain and I feel I have not been eating the healthiest just the most convenient. I have all kinds of excuses for this but what it boils down to is laziness. I am going to try and not use that excuse and get down to business from now on.

  This weeks menu is kind of simplistic in nature. I did make a new recipe but I did not take pictures of the process. Wawa.  Fail but I will post the recipe later this week. So without further ado here is this weeks menu.

Blueberry waffles
Yogurt fruit and granola
Eggs bacon and toast
Blackberry muffins

Salad with tuna
Chicken salad wraps
Sausage and Barley soup
Salad with grilled chicken
Salad with Italian meats

Chicken Parmesan with pasta
Hamburger and fries
Grilled chicken with vegetables
Sausage and barley soup
Homemade pizza pockets

Carrots and hummus
Granola bars

This menu is definitely not complicated but it was not hard to plan out. I looked to see what was on sale this week and planned my menu around that. I usually am off on Monday's so that's when I will plan out my week and hopefully post it either Monday or Tuesday. This will hopefully allow me to not eat out as much and save some money in the process
 I will post the sausage and barley soup recipe later this week. That was my new recipe of the week.
I hope you guys will continue to join me this year on meal planning and trying new recipes. I also hope you also are having a good year so far.
I will talk to you guys later.