Saturday, May 14, 2011

I almost got it!

Its finally the weekend and what do I do all day? I'll tell you, but it was not anything fun or exciting. I worked this morning. I really did not want to get up and go but I have goals to reach and things to buy accomplish. I did however decide while I was daydreaming at work to try and make pad thai again. Last time I did not quite get it right. (Aka my noodles fell apart and the sauce was not quite right.) I decided today would be the perfect day to try again. After all, practice does make perfect. Another thing that helped me decide was I was just craving it and I thought it would be great to make it myself versus buying it. If I get it right then it would be another weapon in my arsenal. Can't ever have too many weapons.

In order to make this I looked up the recipe in a cookbook I got two years ago but never got around to using. I bought it last time I was in LA at an Asian market. It is called Thai Cuisine Beyond Curry by Chef Chai Siriyarn                              
I wondered if this recipe would taste like my mom's. I soon found out close but it still is not quite like hers. I wondered how my mom's noodles were darker than mine. My husband pointed out that my mom uses soy sauce and I used fish sauce. Tasty but still not quite right. Regardless, it was delicious. Next time I will try it with soy sauce and see if I get it right. I did add a little to this recipe so it was not quite the chef's recipe.

This recipe is still worth making and sharing, I thought it was good.

Pad Thai
adapted from Chef Chai Siriyarn

5 T sugar
juice from 3 limes
6 T fish sauce
4 T rice vinegar
2 tsp paprika
chili powder to taste

4 T vegetable oil
2 eggs
5 cloves of minced garlic
14 oz firm tofu drained, squeezed of excess water and cut into cubes
14 oz dried rice stick noodles soaked in warm water for 15 minutes, then drained
1 lb medium shrimp
1/2 lb of pork tenderloin cut into cubes
1/2 c chicken broth
1 c bean sprouts
5 green onions cut into 1/2 inch pieces
1/2 c peanuts roasted and pounded into small pieces
1 lime cut into wedges


Combine all sauce ingredients in a bowl and set aside.
Heat oil in a wok over high heat. When the wok is very hot add the tofu and fry for 5 minutes on each side until golden brown and firm.

Remove from wok and drain on paper towels.
Add 1/2 lb of pork tenderloin to remaining oil and stir fry for about 3-5 minutes. (depends on your stove. I have a glass top so heating is not optimum. I really want gas)

Add garlic  and then add eggs and stir until set and cooked.

 Add shrimp and cook for about a minute and then add noodles and chicken stock and cook for 2-3 minutes until noodles begin to soften.

Add sauce and toss to coat the noodles. Reduce heat to medium. Add the tofu back in  and cook until sauce is almost completely absorbed by the noodles. Stir in green onions,1/2 the peanuts, and bean sprouts.

Toss a few times and serve on a plate. Sprinkle with remaining peanuts and serve with lime wedges.

It was so good but still not as good as my mom's. I bet you will enjoy it so give it a try. I hope everyone's day is going well. I know mine is:)


  1. I love eating pad thai too! As far as I know pad thai usually uses fish sauce and the darker colour comes from sweet soy sauce.

  2. You are right about the soy sauce. I asked my mom today and she said she uses more soy than fish sauce. Next time I'm sure it will be almost as good as my mom's.

  3. Hi Melissa! Thank you for visiting my site on Braised Carnitas. I love Pad Thai, but I haven't found the recipe I liked it yet, so I must try this recipe with your mom's advice. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I made Pad Thai for the first time ever last week (post to come in a couple of days) and am happy to see very similar ingredients. Makes me feel like the recipe I found might actually be pretty authentic! ;)

  5. I am so glad you guys stopped by!
    Nami- I bet if you take my mom's advice and use more soy sauce and leave out the fish sauce until the end, you will love the result.
    Leah- I can't wait to read your post. I love seeing variations of recipes for the same dish. It helps me to improve my own:)

  6. This dish is gorgeous! It seems so complex but you make it look so easy. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing. :)

  7. I LOVE Thai food! I haven't had it in so long! Your post totally reminded me of the best pad thai I've had in Idaho! I know. Can you believe that the best Thai food I had was in Idaho? :)

  8. Thanks ladies! I am glad you liked it.
    Kate - I enjoyed your post on making pasta. You have inspired me to stop making excuses and start making pasta:)
    Sook- I would never think of Idaho as having great Thai food. lol:) It goes to show you that you can always find good food anywhere.

  9. I've never attempted pad Thai but I've wanted to and you might have just given me the push I need. It looks delicious. Thanks for the pictures. They help a ton.


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