Saturday, January 14, 2012

Street Eats Food Truck Festival and Tyler Florence

Today I went to the Street Eats Food Truck Festival. It was amazing! I not only met Tyler Florence and got a picture with him but also got his autograph. I ate some amazing food as well as some not so great food. I was a little disappointed with the wait in lines for food as well as the fact some of the food trucks sold out. We later found out the event was oversold. They were originally expecting 5000 people but the sold tickets for over 15,000 people. There were also supposed be $2 tickets sold for food. You were supposed to be able to get samples of food for $2 and if you wanted you could purchase full sized portions. When we arrived, we found out they were not selling tickets for food and you could just use cash to buy from the trucks. Only a couple of trucks had the $2 samples but most of the trucks only had full sized portions for sale. I was a little upset about this because some of the food was down right expensive and so not worth the money nor the long wait in lines.

I still had a wonderful time with my family and friends. I left the event stuffed full of food. As promised, I will tell you my top 3 trucks.

Top 3
1) Q up BBQ
The best bbq tacos!

We wanted seconds but by the time we went back, they were all gone:(

The Butter Poached Lobster Grilled Cheese was amazing!

3)East Meats West

Tribeca - Eggplant Sandwich with goat cheese, red pepper, and arugula

Honorable Mention

JamBurritos -
The Cajun Catfish Taco was quite tasty!

Bottom 2 trucks

1) Lobster on a roll

Clam Roll was gritty and tasteless.

2) Truckin Good Cupcakes
Red velvet cupcake - The texture was very strange and frosting was not good.

The festival had its high and lows but I had a lot of fun. I definitely will go again next year if they have it. I missed a lot of trucks and would love to try more food. The best part of the day was meeting Tyler Florence!

I was a little star struck and didn't say much to him but that's ok. I am happy I met him and got his autograph.
I had a great day! I hope you did too!!

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