Sunday, June 12, 2011

My first award:)

It has been a super long weekend of work and just a wee bit of fun. Mainly work. I feel like I have been working non-stop lately. Oh well, got to fund the fun some how. I have my eye on a few little goodies I think will be happy with me. Hee hee! You, cookbooks, new toys for the kitchen. The usual stuff. How has your weekend been? Me, I am tired and a little out of sorts. When I don't get my cook on I start to go through withdrawals and also feel a little unbalanced. Not to fret. Hopefully, I will recharge my batteries this week and get to make lots of yummy food.

Good news! The meat from the cow I won has been processed and my hubby picked it up today. I cannot wait to try it:) It should be good eats. I hope it lives up to the hype. I will let you know all about it of course. Tomorrow, I see steaks in my future.

To say I haven't cooked at all these past few days would be a little bit of an exaggeration. I did make a delicious roast chicken. It tasted so good I feel like I should share the recipe with you guys. It made a wonderful week night dinner. I think later I will make the leftover chicken into chicken salad. Don't worry. I will share it with you but for now lets get back to the chicken. I think I have started a love affair with Herbs de Provence. I think they are delicious and good on not only chicken but pork as well.

Roast Chicken

4 lb chicken
olive oil
3 cloves of garlic minced
2-3 T of Herbs de Provence
salt and pepper

preheat oven to 400F
Clean chicken and save the bones and innards to make stock later. Rub the outside and inside of chicken with olive oil. Gently loosen skin and rub garlic and herbs under skin as well as inside the cavity and on the outside of the bird.

 Sprinkle salt and pepper on the outside as well as in the cavity. Bake for about an hour or until juices run clear. Enjoy it with your favorite vegetables.
I made mine with red potatoes. I added them after 20 minutes and cooked them for about 40 minutes. They were delicious!
On to brighter news. I have received my first blogger awards. I am so excited! Thank you so much Kristy from MyLittleSpace at :)
I want to say thank you again:) I am really grateful for this honor. I hope everyone is having a great day:)

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  1. Melissa, you deserved it. Ooo...btw, the roasted chicken looks so scrumptious. Thanks for sharing. Hope you're having fun blogging.
    Blessings, Kristy


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