Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homemade Ice cream bars

It was another scorcher today in the valley. I feel the heat makes the days long and monotonous, just full of sun, sun and more sun. Everything here is dry and dusty. It makes me wish it would rain. At least then it would cool down for a time during the day doesn't matter if it is just for a brief few minutes. Well, if the rain won't come to me and bring cooler weather I will just have to create something that will help cool me off. Even if I only feel cool for as long as it takes me to consume it:)

The hubby and I were off yesterday and I passed some of the time not only creating new recipes but watching my favorite channel. If you said Food Network, you are beginning to know me so well. Any hoo, Down Home with the Neelys was on and they made an ice cream dessert. Sort of a ice cream bar if you will. I thought it looked pretty interesting, but they had the hubby at dessert. LOL :)

 I decided to take pity on him and made a similar dessert for him with the things we had here. I could have went to the store for the exact ingredients but I was feeling lazy. That's okay, it still turned out delicious. Who knew those 100 calories packs of cookies would come in handy. They had been sitting in our cabinet for a while because the hubby was reluctant to eat them. He saw they were low calorie and figured they were not for him. Ha ha! I got the last laugh. I put them in his ice cream bars and he loved it.

The dessert itself was so simple to make. It only took a few minutes to assemble and the longest part of the wait was due to having to put it in the freezer to harden. Viola' ! It was ready to eat. So simple, yet so yum:) I don't think it will last long if the hubs has any say in it. I think this recipe is a keeper. Next time I will probaby add my own touches to it. Maybe make the ice cream and cookies from scratch. Hmmmm. More than likely.

Ice cream Bars
adapted from the Neelys

6 packs of 100 calorie oreo crushed (you can use your favorite cookie crushed)
3 T melted butter
1/2 gallon of your favorite ice cream softened
1 container of cool whip
chocolate and caramel sauce
chocolate chips for garnish

Crush cookies in food processor and stir in the butter. Line 8x8 pan with 2 sheets of foil placed in opposite directions.
Press crumb into 8x8 pan
Top with softened ice cream

Next drizzle on chocolate and caramel sauce

Then add the whip cream and top with chocolate chips or your favorite candy

Freeze until hardened Cut into bars and enjoy!
Look the hubby is offering you a bite. That never happens. lol:)

I hope you are having great day!


  1. Nice trick with the 100 calorie packs, the ice cream bars look fantastic. Ha-we all know your hubby offered for picture purposes only! Yum!

  2. Hee hee! That's so true Tina. He doesn't share his treats but he said they were delish:)

  3. Wish I had this at my house tonight! Looks wonderful - and like that you used the 100 calorie packs!

  4. Yum and perfect for this hot weather. I have been craving ice cream like crazy.


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