Monday, April 11, 2011

It's a new day and beginning

I decided to start a blog for a myriad of reasons. Just for starters I love food!! I did not always know how to cook. My mother tried to teach me when I was younger but I was very opposed to the idea. As I got older I realized the folly of my decision. Who was going to cook for me and feed me when my mom's not around? I soon realized after I got married to my wonderful husband someone better learn or we were going to starve. This began my culinary adventure. I started with easy things like hamburger helper and everyone's go to dish, spaghetti and soon graduated to more complex things. I am not any kind of expert of cooking, in fact I am still an amateur in many ways but I love to cook and try new things. This blog will be about my adventures in the kitchen with a little humor and tidbits about my life. I am also trying to pay off some debt and hopefully this blog will hold me somewhat accountable for my actions. It will help to motivate me to not only improve in the kitchen but also in different aspects of my life. So, enough about me for now. More soon to come.:)

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