Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Ramblings

Happy Friday All!
      It is a beautiful day in Arizona. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and most importantly.....It's not too hot!! Today is April Fool's Day and I hope there are not a lot of pranks played at work. I know, not in the spirit of the day but I think pranks are mean. I'm weird that way. I hope you have had a good week. Mine has been pretty good. I actually got to go out to lunch with one of my friends for sushi. We got to pig out and drink and just have a good time. This is a rare occurrence. It took us about 6 months to finally be able to get together. Sad but true. Since it is the beginning of a new month I thought I would share my March Favorites with you. You may find this boring but hopefully you like it. On a side note, my cat is laying on my left arm so I am typing with my right hand only. If you have a cat you know they always want to lay where it is totally inconvenient for you. They are funny little creatures. Back to March favorites.
       March Favorites
  1. My favorite song this month is Lukas Graham's  Seven Years - I have been loving this song and every time it comes on the radio I have to sing along and very loudly. I am sure people who pull up next to me probably stare and laugh but I don't care.
  2. Beautiful weather - this month the weather has been nice and the produce selection at the store has been getting better.
  3. Favorite eye shadow palette - Too Faced Chocolate Bar - this is my go to palette. I love the colors and I also appreciate the smell of cocoa powder every time I use it.
  4. Favorite television show is Chopped. I admire all of the chefs who compete on the show. The time constraints and the basket items would probably drive me insane. I would be the one in the back crying.
  5. Favorite cook book - Lick the Bowl Good by Monica Holland. I have already made 4 recipes from this book and 3 out of 4 turned out well. The fourth one I think I can tweak to make a winner. I will be making more recipes out of this book in the next month and when I finish I will give an honest review of the book.

      These are 5 of my favorite things this month. I have also been loving the beautiful flowers blooming this season. I am going to try and buy fresh flowers more often to brighten up my house. I am also going to take some me time. Whether I read a book, play with new makeup, or create new items in the kitchen, I think it is important to take time for myself and reboot. On that note I want to share with you this, in the next week or so the Sephora VIB sale should be happening and also I received my 20% off coupon on my entire purchase from Ulta. This means I will be getting some new makeup and I definitely will be purchasing those two palettes I have been coveting for the last month. Yay! I will share thoughts and swatches with you. I can't wait.
       I am also determined to cook more recipes with liquor I am excited to experiment with this. I also want to try new wines and beer. I love trying new things. Speaking of trying new things, I tried dandelion leaves in my salad and let me tell you not a fan. It was very bitter. Do you remember the commercials with the bitter beer face. I imagine that is what I looked like after trying it. I received it my CSA this week amongst other things like Swiss chard and kale. Maybe if I sauté these vegetables with garlic and olive oil they will be delicious but right now on their own I think they are very bitter. I will let you know what I think later.
     This is the end of my Friday ramblings. I hope you have a good weekend and I will talk to you later. I will leave you this picture of my cat, Angel, my trouble maker.

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